We are a provider of genuine 3ply face masks..

With the coronavirus on the loose, getting a proper mask for protection is important. However, with the shortage of masks, there are now many fake masks circulating around, which would not protect you.

A good quality surgical mask generally has a three-ply layer with the innermost layer used for absorbing moisture, the middle layer is a filter and outermost layer repels water.

This is the main reason, why we are very selective. We work exclusively with manufacturer who respect the international standard and who can provide a product with a premium quality for a resonable price.

Buyers are invited to show their genuine interest to purchase this commodity. You need to make a Letter Of Intent (LOI) and specify the quantity that you want and your target price. After that, send us the LOI over email.

This is a draft of a Letter Of Intent that you can use. Of course you can use your own draft.