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Chinese manufacturers of face masks are sadly taking advantage of loopholes in EU and US regulatory processes to speed up the manufacture and sale of the equipment, as they race to meet an explosion in overseas demand to combat the global spread of coronavirus.

The revelations will add to concerns about the quality of Chinese-made equipment after authorities in Spain, the Netherlands and Turkey all rejected masks and tests as substandard in recent days.

The tactics used by Chinese manufacturers, which account for half of global output of surgical masks, have included tweaking product descriptions and speeding up testing procedures.

The industry has expanded rapidly since January when factories increased capacity to supply Chinese medical professionals and citizens. By the end of February, China was making 116m masks a day, about 12 times more than at the beginning of that month, according to official data.

For these reasons we are very selective and we work exclusively with certified factories, that respect the international standard for making this kind of commodities.